As a fast-thinking boutique agency, we offer Public Relations services that increase productivity, public awareness, and profitability. With years of servicing a variety of brands and more than 1000 secured media placements, we understand in an ever-changing market and economy the financial burdens and lack of flexibility retainer-based fees can create. Our programs are scaled to make a big impression that results in growth for your business. Scroll down to learn more.


The Tesla Group believes in the art of creative storytelling to help expand your business reach. Through trend forecasting, competitor analysis, we create effective content focused on relative trends, new developments, and initiatives that will encourage social media traffic along with follower engagement. We work with key insiders and add a personal sparked touch to your communication and branding strategy to reach your ideal customer and audience.


We specialize in:

  • Content Creation and management

  • Social Media Image Development

  • Social Media Influencer Marketing/Seeding

  • Social Media Ads

  • Branded content 


PR Consulting-With experience in executing national and international PR campaigns, we can effectively communicate information on new products, rebranding, and or relaunching of products for media launches, press releases, organizing events from media showcases to press conferences, social media, Influencer marketing and more. Through our media relationships, we effectively create public interest and generate awareness of your product or service. 

PR Team Building- A fast-growing company needs on-going support. Rather than outsourcing all of your PR needs and having to worry about your representative’s client load, as consultants, we help develop, train, and provide the necessary tools to your company for complete PR/Marketing success. 


We'll advise on how to create an effective PR strategy and planning based on your products and sales goals, proper brand messaging, pitching, and content creation. We’ll work with you on devising a scalable influencer marketing plan, monitoring and tracking activity, and overall brand management to build relationships between you and the media.

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