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What makes The Tesla Group different from other agencies?​


The Tesla Group has a strong team of individuals with diverse backgrounds in marketing, development, branding, production, and PR. From photo-shoots, web development, video, creative planning to creative concepts, these talents are all keys in strengthening our clients brand and presence in order to maximize their PR reach. More importantly, we take into consideration that most businesses not only want exposure for their brand, but being able to increase sells is just as essential. The Tesla Group has a strategic planning process to accentuate the client's “fine points” in order to implement strategies consistent with the client's image and to effectively target it's audience.


Do you only deal with companies or individuals that want to reach major talk shows and newspapers, because I want to go after the trade papers and some niche programs?


Absolutely. Some topics are better suited for a specific market rather than a general interest program like the New York Times.


Do you have to be a business to take advantage of your event services?


Not at all! We offer individual event services such as celebrity birthday parties, fashion soirees, children events and more. For companies and brands we offer event promotion activations, large non-profit events, sports, health & wellness, press previews, product launches, samplings, and fashion shows to name a few. We also have full event staffing capabilities for larger corporations and businesses.


​I have had PR firms and publicist tell me they could guarantee me placement on a network show and in a print publication. Can you do the same?​


Any company that offers a guarantee I’d suggest you get it in writing. There are a lot of factors that can effect press placements. You can even sometimes get interviewed for a story and the story get placed on hold or it just did not make the cut. Unless you’ve got an amazing story to tell that you know is a sure thing, we do not make any guarantee on any show. But I will use my connections to make sure you or your brand is being considered, if not at that moment but at a later time. Ultimately, it’s the producer’s decision whether to book you on the show, it's our job to break through the masses to win that placement!


Is there a contract involved with hiring your Agency?​


Yes. The minimum is six months. We have many clients who’ve been with us for years.

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