Established in 2008, The Tesla Group has been truly dedicated to igniting an electric spark to traditional means of PR, Marketing & Experiential Events for Businesses, Consumer Lifestyle Products, and Professional Athletes.


As a women-owned agency with a proven track record of success, The Tesla Group has serviced more than 100 entities in Fitness/Wellness, Food & Beverage, Fashion, and Sports Entertainment with over 90% of client experiences being those of women.


With a new 2020 approach to infusing your business with a greater pulse as your PR/Marketing Consultants, we now provide YOU with the "sparked" vehicle needed to strategically move your messaging into the hands of consumers, global connectors and the community! 


Through thought leadership, a team of diverse experts, our partnerships become your shared connections building longer-term relationships as the keys to PR/Marketing success are now in your hands.



No stranger to the world of Sports, Fitness/Wellness, Consumer Lifestyle, and Fashion, Ahlilah has been a recognized industry leader for more than 17 years.
As the Founder of The Tesla Group, she is known for representing and developing brands for top athletes and businesses, producing a number of experiential events, a wide range of productions, as well as drive national/international PR campaigns.  Ahlilah has been featured in podcasts, as a panel speaker, a variety of articles and credited in the media by her clients for her leadership.


Ahlilah thrives on her quick-witted thinking, bold ideas, creative strategies, planning, and the execution of driving business success for clients.





Justine’s professional accomplishments cover 15 years of global experience helping ambitious brands grow in Germany, Spain, and across the United States. With a background in Graphic Design, Media/Advertising, Social Media, and building Marketing Strategies, Justine brings strong communication, thought-provoking ideas, and a problem-solving mindset to brands and companies.  

Her energetic personality and philosophy deliver honest and direct guidance along with a proven track record of results. Skilled in direct response marketing, Justine works with her clients crafting integrated marketing strategies across all channels and touchpoints, including website, digital and print communications, media buys, and direct mail.

Passionate about Social Media and the power of growing meaningful communities and brand awareness, Justine’s core social media marketing strengths include elevating Influencer connections, targeted campaigns, content generation, and detailed strategy built for growth. 




Tiffany Medois is a senior-level Copywriter with more than 10 years of writing and editing experience, as well as a history of success producing compelling marketing copy for high-profile brands and companies including Mattel, Hot Topic, and ABC.


Tiffany creates captivating content for various brands looking to grow their client base and stay connected with their audience through unique and innovative experiences. Tiffany also writes and designs interactive online forms, creating unique marketing experiences for clients, through Typeform, a SaaS company. Additionally, Tiffany has a background in the esthetics industry and is a licensed esthetician.


While Tiffany loves providing content marketing solutions to beauty and lifestyle brands, she is more in love with getting results for her clients— regardless of industry—by way of solid inbound marketing techniques and effective SEO strategies.  




Marissa Hoffmann, born and raised in New York has always had her finger on the pulse of the new and next in the media industry. With a degree in Journalism, Marissa quickly realized that her true passion may not be in writing one’s brand story, but instead creating it. Marissa has worked with a variety of brands in wellness, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty; as well as having worked closely with professional athletes in the NBA and WTA. Marissa has been involved in leading the PR coordination and project management of non-profit events, wellness panels, showcases, experiential activations, and more. Marissa combines her knowledge of public relations, journalism, and influencer partnerships to help clients deliver top results in the ever-changing media industry.